Saturday, April 21, 2012

Role Model

This week, I met the most amazing and creative person.   We got connected through a mutual friend.  When this creative woman called to ask me if I would like to come over and take a look at some fabric she was giving away, I could not resist.   Free designer fabric.  Yeehaw!  I'm so there.  What I didn't know is that I was going to be in for a great afternoon and full of insights around the creative process.

The house she lives in is a testamony to creativity.  I've rarely met anyone, who like myself dabbles in everything and I do mean everything.   Creativity oozed out of her.  She shined like a bright bright beacon. Now I think I have a lot of energy, at 71, this woman made me look like a slug.  She said that it is the creativity that pumps her up.  In our brief time together I learned and was reminded of some key life points.
Some the highlights were:

Stay curious.  Always ask questions and don't be afraid to ask the deep ones, and this goes for asking those questions to yourself.   Then shut up and listen for the answer.

Positive creatation is as important as food, water, light and air.  Don't ever go a day without creating something.  No matter how small.

Laugh and play.  The best way to do that is to stay curious and in the moment.

Make mistakes and make them often.  There's magic in them.

Try something new, all the time.

Something can be made out of what looks like nothing. 

Don't be afraid to tell you story and share it with the world.
That last point was important for me to hear.    She gave me a ton of fabric, of which I know not what I'm going to make out of it.  More importantly, she gave me reminders of power of positive creating can bring to ones life.  Her attitude embodied what I want to do with this Campaign.  To infuse positive thoughts and creative actions into not only myself but the world.  In the hopes others would do the same.
I wanted to share.

Until next week...create to feel great!

25 projects complete!  27 to go!

This week's project is something new...Button Fairies.   They are made with a mix of paper images and buttons.  The buttons make a tail and the fairies have to have a loop for hanging.  Who doesn't love a fairy?

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