Saturday, June 9, 2012

Whew! Whatta Challenge!

"Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage.  The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict." ~William Ellery Channing

Mr. Channing you said a mouthful there!  I do believe there is a ton of truth in that quote.  I'm discovering that it is all in how I respond to the difficulties that makes the difference in me and my growth.  If I feel defeated or want to act like whatever difficulty is happening in my life isn't happening, it keeps popping up.  If I greet the difficulty with open arms, welcome it, not let it get the better of me and my mood and then engage my creative process to figure out a way through the difficulty- I do indeed grow and come out much stronger on the other end.  Forward movement is way better than sitting in depression.  Once again, it is all about my mind set and how I perceive what is going on in my life.

So, do we have to be strong people to life our lives?  No.  I think there are plenty of folks in this world who strengthening their spirit is the furthest thing from their minds and actions.  That is their choice.  It is not a choice I've been driven to at any point in my life.  I also think at some point we do get a call to action, that's why we are put here.  Again.. how do we respond to that call?  You know I'm going to respond with my creativity.
How do you or will you respond?

Until next week...create to feel great!
32 projects complete! 20 to go!

This week's project...butterflies.  It is about of an effort to help the Holocaust Museum of Houston with their display honoring and remembering the children who lost their lives in at the hands of Nazis during World War II.  There were 1.5 million children murdered.  There will be a butterfly for each of those children.  I will be sending a dozen.  Contact me if you would like to know how to contribute butterflies.  I think the display will be stunning when complete.

UPDATE- These are crocheted with wires added.  Very very quick and easy free pattern at


  1. Are those crocheted? Tatted? Very nice!

  2. You are very talented. Those butterflies are so pretty and colorful, and I like how you added that magical touch with the gold wires.

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  3. Thank you magdalena. These were easy. Once I finished I thought they needed the wires to make them look like butterflies.