Saturday, July 7, 2012

Allowing All That's Allowed And More

One of my good friends was recently invited to attend an amazing play writing workshop in Italy, this August.  Getting the funds together would mean a true act of faith and courage. My friend is amazing and very couragous.  He set out his intention to go to this workshop.  He told everyone, we all celebrated, send good thoughts and what we could.  The gift of airfare came his way, he told me he almost said no, it was too much.  But it was what he wanted and needed to get to his goal.  My friend later told me that he knew if he turned down any part of this wonderful gift, the rest of the funds he needed wouldn't come his way.  Why? Because we have to allow what we need and desire to enter our life.  No questions. No thoughts of I'm not worthy or this is too much or I don't deserve this.  We have to allow the energy, love, good thoughts to flow.
That's what my friend did.  He's going to Italy in August to the workshop.  For my lovely friend, it is a great honor and will help him become an even stronger play wright. I so happy for him and amazed.
I think we often ask the universe for things and or situations  and then we stand with our arms folded and closed hands.  I'm discovering the trick is to ask clearly and to stand with my heart, hands and arms wide open. Unquestioning. For however long it takes. No trying to shape what we think how it should go. No closing down.  No looking back or around.  That is the trick to allowing the good stuff to flow to you.  It seems easy, but it is not.  I always want to question.  I always stop the flow.
I thank my friend for this example.  It will stick with me and help me allow all that is allowed and more to come into my life!

Until next week...create to feel great!
36 projects complete. 16 to go!

This week's project was a thirft store find for a buck!  A Tim Allen The ToolMan wood working project complete in the box.  I wanted to make a clock for my new writing room.  And this fun kit appeared.

With me...purple polka dots are the way to go!  The clock works!  Guess I better get to painting and decorating my writing room.  Hum....I sense another project coming on!

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