Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Don't Want To Go On The Cart

Nothing challenges my up beat frame of mind more than when one of my kitties is not feeling their best.
My dear sweet little MickeyGrrrl, who will turn 17 in October, has been having a bit of struggle as of late.
She had a treatable UTI, with that came two rounds of medications.  Her legs and back are slowing down and are a bit painful. With this condition comes a weekly shot in the shoulder.  Her kidneys are showing signs of needing a bit of  support, so I'm now giving her sub Q fluids once a week or as needed.  She also takes thyroid and blood pressure pills.  A true little old Queen.  I'm happy to report, that all of these efforts and more are showing signs of her being very happy and very comfortable.  Aging gracefully. Enjoying her sleeping spots, her hummingbirds, her food, Gus and me.  Still.  I hit a wall about all this stuff this week.  I was talking to a good friend in a effort to frame a context around all that I'm doing for her.  My negative mind went to...well, she'll just die anyway.  This is just prolonging it.  Well, negative mind you get to shut up.  Yes. she is in the winding down part of her life.  Aren't we all really just dying?  So, we might as well live it up!
My friend reminded me of the scene from Monty Python's Holy Grail.  The scene where they are throwing bodies in cart.  One of the people they are trying to throw in the cart says, "I don't want to go on the cart.  I feel fine.  I'm happy!"  She told me to stop trying to throw MickeyGrrl in the cart.   She's right.
I'll go one further, with trying to throw MickeyGrrrl on the cart, I was throwing myself in there as well. I was starting to give up on things.  On life.  Both of us have far too many days filled with everyone and everything we love to get on that cart.  Because we feel fine. We are happy!  It is a good thing to remember.  Now when I get in that place.  I just remember..."I don't want to go on the cart.  I feel fine.  I'm happy!"  Also look at MickeyGrrrl and can almost hear her say..."I feel fine. I'm happy!"
Life is so good.

Are you throwing someone or yourself on the cart? (Yes, I know in the movie this character gets bonked on the head, and tossed in the cart.  It is Monty Python after all.)

Until next week...create to feel great!
39 projects complete! 13 to go!

This week...I made cooling neck wraps for myself and my P2C team.  These were a piece of cake to make.
Strip of fabric (gold glitter cotton...thank you). Make a tube and fill the tube with 1/2 teaspoon of polymer crystals (floral dept. JoAnns or Michaels).   Close up the tube.  Soak in water.  The crystals expand and hold water and have a cooling effect.  These can also be frozen for an added cooling effect.  Now we'll be stylin' and cool all around as we head down the road.  27 days to relay day.  More P2C crafts to come in the following weeks.  And yes...I'm doing my walking training. Thank you for asking.

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  1. Your cat, MickeyGrrl, made me realize that my cat just looks like that today... was she pregnant that time, or just cutely fat?

    By the way, I like the titles you have for your blog :)

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