Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lighting The Way

This last week, I was part of an amazing theater experience.  Lights Up! workshop production of Anything But Brilliant - A Love Story.  The play is brilliant.  The road to creating this wonderful work has been brilliant.  And a love story in it self.  It furthered my lesson and exploration on the theme of working from a place of love or a place of ego.  This was full on working from love.  All aspects.  And my oh my it was fantastic.
I've heard it said that "Love is the light that you see by".  This was certainly the case. We have to willing to hold the lamp for ourselves and others. That way we all shine so brightly and the path is clearer.
I know it can be challenging in the world that doesn't want it to work this way.  Yet we have to be strong.  We need to stop, check and ask..."Is this coming from love or ego?"  Here's how I will know for sure.  Everything will go dark. In the darkness there will be doubt and confusion.  Resistance and sadness.  That is the signal ego is at work.  Love brings light. Fluidity and ease. Joy and delight.
Now who doesn't need that?

Are you willing to attempt to stop, check and ask..."Is what I'm doing coming from love or ego?"  At least for the next week, just see what happens in your life.

Until next week...create to feel great!
40 projects complete!  12 to go!

The project of the week is my Lime green fleece polka dot blanket for Portland to Coast.  I know I'll be sleeping in the van and on the ground.  I want something light and warm (we are headed to the Oregon get's chilling in the mountains even in August.).  So there it is.  Count down to relay has begun. 20 days.  Yikes! I better put the crafting down and do some walking!

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