Saturday, July 21, 2012

But I Don't Want To

"Nothing is impossible with a willing heart." John Heywood

Since last August, I've been walking in an effort to train for a local walking relay called Portland To Coast. Come this August 24th and 25th I will be on a team of 12 in two vans taking turns walking legs to the Oregon Coast.  We will arrive at Seaside to a huge party celebration.  I will be walking about 11.87 miles.
I decided to do this as a way to keep me motivated and working out.  Once again, the value of having a vision or goal in mind or the brass ring to go after has hit home.  I think without something like this, I get lazy and to be real honest sitting on the porch or watching TV is way easier.  I think if I could figure out a way to stay in shape and be healthy by doing those two things, I'd much rather go that route.
So, how do I stay motivated?  I keep focused on what I say I want.  And not in a blah boring way, but in a way that is fun, alive and vibrant. Well, and because it's me...colorful and creative.
The last two weeks, my training has slowed a bit, because I tweaked my lower back.  At other times in my life this would have been the finisher.  The show stopper.  Because I have this colorful fun vision of hitting this walking goal, I'm doing what I can to reach it while healing this injury.  A friend of mine said that I now have an athlete's mind set going for me.  Cool.  And yet there are still time when I just don't wanna to walk.  I just don't want to train.  I just don't want to eat well.  I just don't want to.
In those times I go back to my strong vision of what I want to accomplish.  For me the vision has to engage all my senses. I really have to feel it inside and out. That connection is what propels me.  I guess that is what some folks call passion.  Or a willing heart.
I use this idea to create visions for everything I want in my life. It can't be a should've could've would've for me cause that's a vision killer.  I allow me to connect to my inner self and find out what I need to do and want for the best of me.  For there I get colorful and creativity and start coloring in the entire picture.
Yeah, I love sitting.  I love sitting on my porch and I love TV.  But there is much more in life.  I find that discovering the much more to life, some days, it is just a walk a way.

Until next week...create to feel great!

38 projects complete! 14 to go!      

This week...I tried my hand at making a visor.  This one I will wear at the Mt. Tabor 5K Doggie Dash.
This is the fourth year I've done this event.  I love to wear a hat, but they can be hot.  So, I thought about a large brim visor.   For my P2C team mates I will be making the traditional ball cap visor in gold lame.
And in the weeks to come...more P2C crafts as I prepare for "The Mother Of All Relays"! Stay in tuned. (I really do watch way tooo much TV)

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