Saturday, October 27, 2012

That's A Wrap!

Well, folks here we are.   Year 3 of The Campaign For Creativity To Banish Negativity is now complete!

I sat down four times to write this post. I don't usually have any trouble writing a post.  Today it is different.
I can't pin point what is happening.   I consider myself a completion junkie.  I love the sense of completing projects.  I'll confess, I'm having a bit of trouble coming to this finish line.  In the years since starting my little campaign, I've seen the most change in myself.  I've accomplished much.  Somethings I never thought would happen to me (all good) have happened.  I'm constantly learning how powerful a positive mind-set can be.  And how challenging it is to maintain that mind-set in a world that really resists supporting me, and I sometimes get the feeling that I would just give up and let negativity rule. Yet I hope.
Hope is the one thing that no one can take away from another person.  I really believe that.
I also know that NO ONE can take away my positive mind-set, unless I hand it to them.  Allow myself to walk down the dark road of negativity into nowhere.
I also know that creativity born and expressed out of a desire to give love as a gift is a huge force for change.  So powerful that we are often so scared of it's beauty that we turn away when all we have to do is embrace it and let it flow within us. 
We can not and should not deny our birth right to be creativily expressive people.  Discovering those gifts we have is the greatest delight this life has to offer us.
It is now a time to dance, celebrate, create in love and joy.
In closing this year, I once again question.  What's next?  Do I have another year of Campaigning in me?  If I do.  What will next year's campaign look like?  Are the folks who read this (thank you all) tried of hearing my noise? 
So, questions.  I will take the next week off.  Think about my next step.  I do know this.  The creating won't stop not me and I hope not for you.
For the folks who read this blog either once in a while or all the time.  Thank you.  I know you are out there supporting me and cheering me to keep going. (I can even hear the cow bells and whoops in the back ground as I write this.)
I have one wish for everyone.  That you all find that place inside you that will guide you to create the master piece that you call your life.  That the masterpiece is filled with all the love and joy you want plus a whole lot more.  And you boldly share the masterpiece that is you with the rest of the world.  That is my wish.

May you always create to feel great!

52 projects complete!  0

This week's project is a massage oil carrier.  For a good friend who just completed massage training school.
I hope she doesn't read this until later next week.  But if she does...surprise!   I'm proud of you!

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