Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Toleration Game

Are there things, people, situations in your life that annoy the heck out of you and you just put up with them because (you can fill in your own reason/excuse)?  I've heard these call tolerations.  We have them in our lives and they just sit there.  We step over them, go around them, pass them as we enter and exit a room.  We sigh, we push them to another place in the house, in our lives.  They are energy drains and road blocks to a positive, free flowing state of mind.  When it comes to people we have in our lives we tolerate, we tread carefully, so as not to hurt their feelings and we avoid the thought of conflict.  So, the slope here is trickier to navigate, and yet they are drains and need to be handled for our own peace of mind.  With things and situations, we are really the most in control to deal with them.  I've found that dealing with tolerations are really like the old motto, of how to eat an elephant.  One bite at a time. 
As the new year dawned, this year, I looked at the stuff in my life that was driving me nuts.   The clutter, the disorganization, the less than happy working items that really needed a call to tech support.  I made me list and I'm checking them off. 
I started with what seemed like a simple step.  My sock drawers.  I love socks.  And my walking training has added another category of socks to the mix.  My socks were so out of control that I every time I went to put on a pair, it seemed easier just to pull a dirty pair out of the hamper (no didn't do that, but really wanted to).  So, I organized my sock drawers.  Yes drawers. I have three, small, but three.  I discovered that I have more stripe and Christmas socks than any one person needs, but I like that about myself.  Argyle and cats are too far behind.  And I've knitting myself a fair number of pairs as well. 
Why relate this inventory?  Well, the task of organizing these socks was made quick, easy and fun by looking for connections to who I am.  I celebrated and had a great laugh at all the color and craziness I wear on my feet.  Before I knew it the tolerations was off my list.  I'm ready to tackle the next one, and I have the feeling of freedom and energy.  Just might have to dive into the post Christmas studio clean up.
This isn't the first time I've written about tolerations and what we tolerate in our lives. For me they are usually something as simple as the sock drawer, but they drain my energies and keep me from my real joys in life.  Just talking about or listing them can be a drain.  Let's take a lesson from the great Mary Poppins Cleaning up anything is always more fun if we make it a game.  The idea does work, because it always goes back to our mind set.  If we think something is horrible and a drudge.  You bet it will be for sure.  If we can find any sort of fun in the task... the humor, the lightness, the load will be easier.
So, what is annoying you?  What are you tolerating?  Make your list and go find fun!

Until next week ...create to feel great!
3 projects complete! 49 to go!  Plus three nicely organized sock drawers.

Project of the week was making pillows from a stack of old worn out ones.  Now I can hang out is fluffy bright clean color after a day of addressing the tolerations list at home and work.

Nice thing they are recycled all the way.  The fabric came for S.C.R.AP. (if you live in the Portland area and haven't paid a so.).  The pillow stuff...the old pillows.  The entire project cost me
.25 cents and a  hour of my time.  Not too bad.


  1. Wow, this has really made me think of the things that are driving me crazy in my life. Clutter is definitely one of them! I'm very easily drained of energy, so I've got to do whatever I can to remedy that.

    SilverHealer from "QUICK Follow My Blog Swap" :)

  2. Clutter is huge drain. And it is like the old adage, "the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time". It is amazing what setting a time for 15 minutes and diving in can do to tackle a small bit of clutter.