Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Wonder

Over the time I've been focusing and writing this blog I've come to really understand that if I put forth positive energy and intentions, guess what comes back to me?  Positive stuff.  Negative energy and intentions set out in my thoughts, words and deeds will also reap negative stuff.
So simple.  Really a duh moment.  Yet how often do we struggle and wonder why negative stuff just keeps happening?  When positive stuff happens we usually don't question why it happened, we are either too busy celebrating that it happened or figuring out a way to make the good stuff go away.
I have often heard the saying that goes, "You can't afford the price of a negative thought."  It's true.
Negativity is "expensive".  On the other hand the positive is free and easy.  So why do so many of us stay away from something that is free, easy and in large available quantities?  Could it be another old saying "if it is too good to be true, it probably is?"  I think that saying really only needs to apply to buying a used car, informerials on TV, fad diets and get rich quick emails.
And really if we begin and learn to focus on positive, life becomes a flow.  And easy.
I will say, it is
challenging to shift those negative thoughts.  They don't go away quickly.  Yet they do go away with awareness and a focus on positive. 
Here's my tip of the week for a quick shift.  Whenever I'm in a situation or thought process that is negative, I play the "I wonder" game.   I simple ask myself "I wonder... (fill in the blank)?"  I wonder how I can change my thoughts?  I wonder what I can do to move into the positive?  I wonder how I can be more positive?  I wonder why I'm feeling...angry, scared, unsure, worried (or whatever)?
Try it.  See if this doesn't help you move from whatever negative stuff your dealing with to a clear place where you can move forward and begin to create something bright and wonderful for yourself.

Until next week...create to feel great!
15 projects complete! 47 to go!

This week's project is a little case to hold cable knitting needles and the cable needle ring I made last week.  I gave to a friend for her birthday, as she knits beautiful projects and is focusing on cable right now as well.

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