Saturday, April 27, 2013

Don't Induce Labor

A good friend of mine is waiting to be a first time Grandma.  She was telling me that is it common for women to ask the doctor to induce labor.  Many women do this because they are done and want to have the baby on their schedule, not nature's or the baby's.  I know sometimes doctors have to induce labor for the well being of mom and baby, I get that, but to have a baby on a mom's busy schedule, because she's done.   I don't understand that mind set.  Have we gotten so impatient with our lives and schedules, our multi-tasking and wanting things our way only that we force birth before nature and baby are ready? Wow.  That boggles my mind.  Yet I see it everywhere.  As a society, we want things now or sooner.  We want things our way.  
What happened to letting nature take it's course?  I stand guilty of wanting to force things.  Wanting things to happen faster and quicker.  In those times, I find I'm on edge and nervous.  The only thing that happens faster and quicker, is I get crankier faster and quicker out of frustration.
I've talked a lot about being in the moment and allowing things to flow.  It's critical to life.  In the moment is where all the love and lessons are.  Allowing life to flow, allows all the good to come to us.  We know what to do to make our life happen in the best possible ways.

Challenge of the stop forcing things to happen in life.  Allow what happens to happen when it to happens and see what happens.  Please don't induce labor in your life. (The only exception is if you are endangering yourself or other.)

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For this week's project I tried my hand at a mixed media collage.  The

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  1. I wonder what all the forced labor and c-sections do to the child's astrology...if you're MEANT to be born on a certain day at a certain hour but the dr. yanks you out early...what is your true sun sign etc? Also - I like your collage! : )