Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Shoemaker's Children

I love to sew.  I've been sewing for well over 40 years.  I love teaching others to sew. I just love the process of sewing. Machine or by hand, doesn't matter.  If it's sewing, I love it.  My wise friend Nan, once commented that a person who knows how to sew will never be without.  I challenged her and to complete the sentence.  She said. "A person who sews will never be without."  Well I heard her the first time.  "What do you mean by will never be without?"  Just that.  She continued.  "You sew.  You can make clothes.  You can make gifts. You can make things to sell.  You can make home decor.  All the things that make for life.  You will never be without because you know how to sew."  Wow.  This felt much better than my mother's idea for what makes a complete life. Which was..."learn to type and you will never be without a job."  Yes. I sew.  A lot.  I love sewing.  I can watch a sewing show and learn new ways to improve my sewing.  I love Project Runway because it's sewing competitions.  It's people sewing under pressure.  I've even been known to sew and watch Project Runway. That for me is a really cheap thrill. (See.  Nan was right. I'm not even without of cheap thrills).
Over the last few years, I've done more sewing for others than myself.  I have a large stash of "someday, I'll make this for me" fabric.  I just never seem to get around to making anything for me. It's like the Shoemaker's Children going barefoot, 'cause the Shoemaker is busy making shoes for everyone else. Sewing for myself has grown less fun over the years.   I'm feeling like this attitude and situation needs to change.  This week is as good as any.  This week's project is for me.  A brightly printed cotton summer shirt.
I have to say, it was a bit of struggle completing this.  I'd start and stop and start and stop.  I'd lose interest and stop. This is a very easy shirt.  The pattern envelope even said so.  Gus could sew this shirt in less time I was taking whinning over it. Why? I finally sat down and asked myself "why"?  And shut up long enough to hear the answer.
Here's what popped up..."You don't really like or enjoy taking care of yourself and doing things for yourself." What!? Sitting with that for a while. I realized that was true.  It makes me feel uncomfortable.  Wow! Time for a real dose of self-esteem and self-worth.  As I finished this shirt, I thought it might be time to make another one for me.  Go a little overboard.  Why not?  I'd do if it was for someone else, now wouldn't I?  So, okay.  I will.  I'm going to make me a shirt a week for the next month. (I like shirts).  I'll still keep doing other projects for this challenge, but know that I'll also be making myself a shirt a week through mid-June.  Fun!  I'm going to go a little overboard for myself for a change, and wind up with some summer fun clothes in the bargain.
I'll keep you posted on that progress as well....So, stay tuned....a challenge within a challenge.
Let me ask you good are you at taking care of yourself?  Doing nice things for you and only you?
Is there something healthy you could do for yourself that is going a little overboard and sends a clear message to yourself that you care about you?  It only has to involve chocolate and booze if you want it to. Certianly use your creativity.  I'm finding taking care of me allows me the energy to contribute to the world with a positive frame of mind. What this Campaign for me is all about.  I'd love to hear want you are doing with this idea.
Until next week...create to feel great.
31 projects complete. 21 to go.

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