Saturday, May 22, 2010

There Be Monsters Up In Here

I never gave birth to children.  Some people might suspect I gave birth to my cats, but that's just speculation and I'll never tell.  I made the decision not to have children in my twenties.  It was a very well thought out decision and I have never felt like my life was lacking for not having given birth and raising children.  I have, however been very lucky over the years to work with some amazing kids and act as sort of an Aunt to them.  I'm also one of those odd ducks who enjoy teenagers.  I think it's because they are very much like cats in their core nature and behavior.  I feel blessed to have many young adults in my life and watching this group go from cats  to amazing people is an honor and I'm happy that they chose to share their lives with me.  I find them a constant source of energy, ideas, inspiration and fun. They also challenge me not to get old. I like that.  I'm closer to some of these kids than others in the group I refer to as "my kids".  One of these kids, Derek, just returned from his first year of college in Chicago.  We talk often and I couldn't be more proud of the life work he is doing.  He's really stepping into his creativity (amazing actor), his compassion for others (amazing leader) and grows more self aware every time I talk to him.  So, watch out world, don't say I didn't warn you.
I'm mentioning Mr. D., because he is the founder of this week's project.  A couple of weeks ago, he asked me if we could do a creative project.  Now I know he doesn't like sewing or that sort of creating, and yet he wanted to make a stuff animal.  Upon talking and brainstorming more, we came up with Worry Monster Dolls.  But how would we make them with no sewing and still them be something we would want around?  I rack my brain some more...needle felting.  I don't know where in the world that came from?  I've known about needle felting for years.  It's one those crafts that I know are very addictive to the point where most people know this and know better than to start up on this craft, because that's all they are going to want to do.  Not like any of the other crafts I do are like this.  I really can quit any time.  For some reason needle felting kept calling my name.  I started up with excuses...I know the supplies are expense (no, I got all we need for a room full of Worry Monsters for about $10).  I need to take a class at very least read a ton of books on the craft before starting (once again Internet saves the day. Thank you all of those who love posting tutorials).  So, all my excuses were stopped before I could let them run wildly out of control.  I really wanted to step into this new world of crafting, so on I went.  Well, it's addictive to say the least.  Here's why...
It's a very intuitive and very much a great exercise for staying in the moment.  I can't stab that needle into the fleece and watch it become wool felt and do other things, except talk to some without making eye contact.  It's very mind clearing, dare I say zen.  It's easy to step into that creative flow and have fun.  Especially making these monsters.  It really doesn't matter if they aren't the perfect shape, 'cause they are. I was able to teach Derek the craft and he seem to take to it, and has a successful outcome on the first try. (In the photo his is the blue "ghost" to the right) I love crafts like this.  We had an enjoyable afternoon stabling fleece, talking, creating and only broke 3 needles and no blood was shed.  I would have never had a reason to discover this fun craft, if Derek had not wanted to do some crafting.  Once again, I'm inspired and challenged my one of "my kids" and I'm grateful.
When Derek asked to craft, I thought I'd just force him to enjoy sewing, and take the easy way out. But I don't like disappointing the kids.  I really accepted this as a challenge for me to discover something new and share it with someone in my life.  We talked about getting together and doing some more needle felting this summer.  I think we will make this happen.
We all have worries and now we have monsters to tell our worries to and they will handle them for us so we can get on with life and living. Thank you Mr. D. for the idea.  Welcome home for the summer!

Until next week create to feel great!
32 projects complete 20 to go!
Campaign Side bar....I was asked to be apart of the Get Inspired Project.  My interview is posted at
I'm in there with some heavy hitters.  It's pretty cool and an honor to be a part of this.
The I'm goin' overboard for myself for a change shirt challenge- four shirts in four weeks.
I've completed two weeks.  This week's addition sort looks like a toss back to the 80's. I'm saying this because I think it also looks a little old lady.  Maybe time for a new pattern.

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