Saturday, July 17, 2010

Create This Day

I have already proclaimed my love of summer in Oregon, a couple of times in this blog, and I just might do a few times more before the summer of 2010 is one for the ages.  Yet in working with the idea of being present, really any time is a great time and any day is a great day.  It is, after all is said and done, what we make of it.  We are only given so many days in our lives.  We don't know how many.  Personally, I think if we knew, we would either never relax in pursuit in whatever we pursue or waste even more time than we do now in worry and negativity or whatever.   I think the trick is to savory every single moment we have, no matter how many we are going to get.  For me, summer makes it easier to practice this.  I have been known to waste a summer day or two wishing for more perfect, less hot weather, that sort of thing.  The key words in all this life for me is awareness and practice.  As opposed to perfection and perfect.   I'm beginning to see the more I stay focused on the present, no matter what, worry and future casting is becoming less and less a part of my life.  I'm seeing myself become more align with what is and what is happening for me.  The gifts are many, the negativity and negative surprises are fewer and fewer.  Yes, I still have unpleasant things to deal with in my life, but I can deal with them and move on, with a lesson learned and a heart full of joy.
Last weekend, I had a present moment gift given to me in the form of an excellent day.  My husband, Broadside, suggested we go to the lavender farms in our area, as they were all having a Lavender Festival.  (It's moments and suggestions like this that I love him for so very much).  We decided on what farms we want to stop at, and headed out for a drive in the country.  It was a classic, beautiful warm summer day.  When we arrived at our first farm choice, not only was the farm lovely and quaint, a lady from the herb society was starting a free class on making lavender wands and baskets.  What fantastic timing!  Lavender, a lovely day and a craft class! I felt like I won the lottery.  Broadside, was content to sit on the shade, while I crafted away.   I was so excited about this new craft, I picked a huge bunch of lavender to take home and play with the new craft.   Our next stop was a lavender farm, where we sat staring at a vast expanse of lavender, while eating hot dogs, lavender cookies and drinking lavender lemonade.   While talking with one of the farm owners and my creativity pumping, we can up with the idea of Lavender Lemoncello. (I'll let you know how that turns out, as good Lemoncello takes about a month to make.)  It was a wonderful day, that has stayed with me even as I write this post.  It helps that my house smells like lavender.
So, not all days can be filled with crafts and lavender farms, and yet, we can still create a wonderful day each and every day.  It's all up to us and how we create the days we have. How we react to some of the "creative supplies" that are presented to us on any given day. I know I write a lot about staying in the present and using our creativity to kick our lives up a notch.  I do this because, it's important. It's key to a joyful forward positive creative life.   All we have is now.
Last December, I was reminded of this concept, when Mickeygirl was deathly ill.  I spend weeks tending to her, and driving her to the vet.  It was a draining and emotional time for me.  My moments were spent, when not tending to my dear friend, praying and asking to see the miracle in the moment.  There were many given to me, including on every drive to the vet, there was some visually stunning moment, that took my breath away or some insightful stranger, it helped me see the beauty in this very trying time of our lives. (Mickeygirl mended.)  These were moments I will never forget.
I'm here to proclaim that there is beauty to be created, noticed and learned from in every moment.  Be it a wonderful day on a lavender farm or driving a dear friend to the vet or paying the bills and doing the laundry.
It's all here for us. I'll say it again...All we have is now.
What will you create with this day and the "creative supplies" that have been given you?
Until next week...create to feel great
40 projects complete!  12 to go!


  1. only 12 more weeks! this is flying by!

  2. As a frog friend of mine once said..."Time is fun when you are having flies." Which I think it means...when I'm doing what is fun, time flys. With thi Campaign, this sure seems like the case.
    P.S. I was thinking of you as I was creating this week's project. Using natural materials to make beauty!