Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Do The Dalai Lama and The Dallie Lana Have In Common?

In writing this post's title, I mean no disrespect to The Dalai Lama.  I love his teachings.  I've also spend way too much time in the company of people who quote (and mis-quote) him. Some of these folks, take it all so seriously and what to make want he says more complex than they really are. Certainly, The Dalai Lama is to be respected and learned from, I would like to think he would say the same thing about you and me. So, no dis-respect to The Dalai Lama. Or to The Dallie Lana, the over coddled, very pampered Siamese cat I work with at my part-time office job.   I don't think it's an accident that they share a birthday.  Her owner didn't know this fact, when as a kitten, and with some help from me, her name morphed into The Dallie Lana.  So, this week was The Dallie Lana's Birthday.   From my previous posts, you know I love to honor the cats in my life, and on their birthday's especially.   Dallie is one of those special cats.  You can see it in her eyes.  I sometimes see the same look in Mickeygirl's eyes.  It's a wisdom.  It's a "I know what I'm talking about, 'cause I've been there done that" look. (Please feel free to insert- eye roll or "crazy cat lady" any time, while reading this blog post.)  I feel we can learn a lot from animals in our lives.  I don't dismiss them, because they don't communicate on the same level as we do, I learn from them.  Lessons on love, both giving and receiving, handling what life tosses you with dignity.  I've learned the fine art of relaxing, and the benefits of being silly, really silly and to act it out like nobody is watching. Animals have helped me grieve some deep loss, and celebrate some amazing wins.  So, many lessons from animals.   I learned this week that alpaca's wool is being used to help soak up the Gulf oil spill (not the wool they use for yarns, whew!  The wool, they usually toss out), so the alpaca's are helping in this huge mess.  Animals want to help us to be great people.
The Dalai Lama speaks of peace and love.    Living with my cats bring to that place of peace and they certainly give me love, and I to them.
The Dallie Lana, is an unusal cat for her breed.  She's smart and sassy, and yet sweet and loving.   It felt right to honor her birthday.  For The Dalai Lama, well, I made a flower arrangement and lit a candle, while saying a prayer for peace and joy for the world and myself.  "Well, what did you give to The Dallie Lana?" You might be asking.  I made her a cat stratching box.  From recycled cardboard, wallpaper and fresh organic catnip.  She was overwhelmed!
Ringo Starr also turned 70 this week.  All he wanted was for people to wish peace and love.
Maybe it is because I focus on this Campaign each week, that my aweness of peace, love, happiness, joy, had become hightened.  I'm seeing it more and more from other sources, and more and more if it is coming into my life.  I often tell the clients I work with that what we focus on we bring to our lives.  I know it's working on some level here with me.

In closing this week here's a quote from The Dalai Lama (not a misquote, thank you very much.)

"As human beings we all want to be happy and free from misery…we have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace. The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger and attachment, fear and suspicion, while love, compassion, and a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness. "

And from Ringo Starr..."Wishing you Peace and Love." 
I asked The Dallie Lana for a quote, but she was sleeping off a very instense catnip high.
Until next week...create to feel great!
39 projects complete!  13 to go!

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