Saturday, September 4, 2010

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

Ah, sleep!  I don't know a single person who doesn't like to sleep.  I think even those folks who say they don't need sleep or very little, still enjoy it when they hit the pillow.
Last year, we purchased a new bed.  We spent more money than we really felt comfortable with at the time, but over this last year of some amazing sleep, it was worth every penny.
I'm one of those folks who loves to sleep.  I'll take it in any form, but my favorite is a good nap.  I've been allowing myself to get over the guilt of a nap in the afternoon.  It's a pleasure I love and look forward to almost everyday.  Some cultures, other than our own, know the value of a good afternoon nap.  I'm with them.  You might be asking. "If you have this great bed and you are sleep well at night. Why do you need a nap in the afternoon?"  Simple.  To re-charge my energies.  My outlook on life and my creativity.  20-30 minutes is all I need (I'll come clean, sometimes it's an hour or a bit more).  I wake up feeling super, ready to finish or start projects, my outlook is fresh.  I also feel that it is civilzied way of living life and honouring myself.  People who know me, know I do a lot.  I love to do a lot.  A wonderful afternoon nap allows me to take good healthy care of myself.  I don't see anything to be guilty about here.
It also extends that old phrase, "Let me sleep on it."  If I have something to solve, mid-day, I'll attempt to take a nap.  Some days, it's not possible, so it will have to keep until I go to bed at night.
This is another good thing I do for challenges or looking for creative inspiration, I'll go to bed at night and ask for the answer to come to me in the morning.  Then, I allow it to work, while I sleep.  First thing in the morning, I usually know what to do or an idea will come to me that I never expected.  It is amazing.  I recommend that if you never tried this or it's been awhile since you have tried it...try it.
Sleep is the great healer. It's a way to vacation without leaving home, and everyday, if you like.  It allows us to really works on all levels of our mind, without it being work, and for course there is that restorative aspect to sleep, good sleep helps ward off illnesses, depression and the crankies.
With all this talk of sleep, I made myself a sleep mask for this week's project. (Black velvet with polka dots...oh, yes). I'm been using it for my quick naps, and it assists me get to a deep sleep quicker.  It's simple to make.  For a pattern, I googled "how to make a sleep mask?" I got lots of web sites with how tos.
I'm suggesting that you get some good deep sleep and see how it effects your outlook on life, and your creativity.  At very least, give yourself permission to take a small nap. I wish you pleasant and inspiring dreams.
Until next week...create to feel great!
45 projects complete. 5 to go!


  1. As always, it's a treat to read your weekly blog It's something I look forward to every week. Are you really only doing 5 more?? I hope not, cause I will really miss it. (Lunch soon?)

  2. Thank you, Patty! I have some ideas up my seleve. I feel like the Campaign is just getting fired up. Stay tuned, friends