Saturday, September 18, 2010

A World Shakin' K.I.S.S.(Keeping It Simple, Silly)

"We have long forgotten that activities can be simple and precise.  Every act of our lives can contain simplicity and precision and thus can have tremendous beauty and dignity." ~ Chogyam Trungpa

Every week, I go through a process of attempting to discover what would be a great, not just good, but a great project of the week for me to complete and then blog about.  I always feel like the project has to be great and world shaking.  My insights have to be life changing and deeply profound.  When I first started this challenge, almost a year ago, I was really attached to this idea.  I very quickly got off it, and now I only entertain this idea for about a half second each week and move on.  Honestly, it's not how it all works for me, and really seems a little arrogant of me to fashion a reader's response.  I'm pleased when reader's enjoy what I'm doing, if it changes some thinking or gives a person another way of looking at something...super!  I can set out seeking to create world shaking greatness, for me, because only I can gauge what is world shaking greatness and how it fits in my life.  I've also come to see that world shaking greatness occurs in pieces built on each other.  Days, weeks, months and years of simple steps built on each other.  We step back and realize that something pretty fabulous has been built, and maybe we shook the world or at very least our own world a bit or a lot.
So, this week is a simple focus, and another little cat story (oh, no!).   Mr. Gus loves to sleep on very corner edge of our bed.  He does this so he can see Mickeygirl coming up the stairs before she jumps into bed. I think he attempts to collect a toll from her for entry.  His spot on our bed is covered with mountains of cat fur everyday.  I have a super great lint brush, but it's time consuming and doesn't get all the hair that gets spread around the bed.
Back track to last week, I went on a cruise ship to Alaska.  (Yes! It was great)  In our room, instead of a bedspread, the Room Stewards, would drape this sort of table runner size bedspread on the end of our bed, each morning and remove it each night.  This idea inspired me.  How about making one of these for our bed at home?  I have to still lint brush it, but I can wash it when it gets really bad, and hair isn't all over the quilt.  Plus it's a nice addition to the bed.  Another great thing, is I got this fabric at the Goodwill, in it's former life it was a bed skirt. It was half price at $1.99, it's washable polyester, but doesn't look or feel like it. The only issue now, is Gus has made himself a cave behind the sofa in the TV room and is hanging out there, but I think that is only temporary, he'll be back.
Simple, yes.  Focused on solving a problem, yes.  I feel I created something beautiful.  I'm discovering the joy in simple.  Keeping in mind that building simple acts on simple acts each day, moves towards doing some world shakin'.
Are you making things too complicated?  Is it time to look at keeping things simple?
49 projects complete!  3 (Wow! Really?!!-3) to go!

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