Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mid Winter Slump

Spring is so darn close I can smell and taste it!  Although, in my part of the world, Winter hasn't been that harsh.  We had about 2 hours of snow and some days of rain and wind, but not a whole lot.  Still, I'm longing for Spring. Along with all the colors and light it brings with it.  I've talked to many people this week, who seem to be in a "slump".  The delight of the holidays are past.  We spend a lot of our day in the dark.  The weather can be a little "mean".  Spring flowers are starting to tease us with green shoots.  The outside of my local grocery store is lined with bright and cheery Primroses, all begging to be taken home and placed in my front yard. (About ten of these said plants, worked their way with me and are now gracing the front of my house.)
With the energy shifting and moving more towards Spring, how do I manage the next month?  With my creativity, of course.  The trick for me is to find new ways to tackle old things.  With the new tricks, incorporate fun in every step and move.  Even though, I'm in the habit of using this approach, I still sometimes have to dig deep.  This week I was bemoaning the fact that I want to up my walking/exercise AND I want to spend some time doing library research for a writing project I'm creating.  For whatever reason, I set it up in my mind that there was no time to do either one.  Until I took a deep breath and really thought about it.  It was the classic, "Well, duh." moment.  I have not one but two libraries within walking distance from my house.  Both are a great walks for me.  Both are walks I love and enjoy.  The only thing getting in my way here was me.  So, I stepped aside (sorry for the pun) and got out of my way.  Once again, this led to other creative solutions to some road blocks I'd been facing.  The slump melted, Spring thaw started.
Are you feeling in the Mid Winter Slump?  What small step can you take to melt a road block that is standing in the way of what you say you want?

Until next week...create to feel great!

17 projects complete!  35 to go!
This week's project is a cover/holder for my Weight Watchers books, tracker and other materials.  All in one place, easy for me to grab and go or track and go.  It also helps rid myself of yet another excuse/road block to my success.  Another plus- I get to use some of my polka dot oil cloth and it's another project, where I designed the pattern.

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