Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Futuristic Vision

How come most of the visions for the future are filled with negative images.  War, famine, people not in control of their lives, violence.  Folks seem to love these visions and can not get enough of them.  Yes it's a fantasy version of the future. The creators of these visions are often attempting to warn us or make us think while entertaining us. Really folks, if that's your fantasy or a fantasy you enjoy I have news for you.  Whatever and where ever you place your focus is going to be drawn into your life. Not for me.
What is wrong with a future world where people have enough to eat  Wonderful places to live. That we spend our days creating art ,beauty and in scientific discovery, instead of wreaking havoc, a swril of negativity and how we can "get the other guy".  How about a world where pain comes from holding your yoga posture too long or digging in your garden all day in the sun?  In my future world, folks know that love really is all we need and it is in realized in plenty supply. The only worry is that there is not enough time or energy in day,  for all the crafting, painting, writing, reading, laughing and time with people.  Power over another person is concept people don't accept or better yet, something that isn't engaged in.  Where the only thing that is left on the curb is garbage, not pets or kids.  Governments are really for the all people by all the people. Fear comes in the form of what would challenge us to evolve as a better person. Thinking and being in the moment is an establish way to live life. Bottom line, we take care of ourselves, each other and the earth.
I've been kidded that a world like that would be boring and it is unreal to even think it.
Okay that's your opinion.  I believe it is possible.  It's all about focus.
What we focus on we will draw that focus to us. Our minds are very powerful creative tools.
I'm going to focus how to create a better world. How the future is a positive one.  I hope you join me.

Until next week...create to feel great.

18 projects complete...34 to go.

I'm thinking this blog post came about from me watching way too much TV lately while working on these Comfort Dolls for the Comfort Doll project.   It is a crafting out reach for women in shelters.  To bring them comfort and help them realize the beauty they have to share in the world.

The girls are ready to go!
I was attracted to making these sort of odd looking, yet very cute dolls. I really wanted to be a a part of this project.   More info can be found at 

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