Saturday, March 17, 2012

Where To Put Faith

"Watch where you put your faith.  Do you have more faith in the power of your disasters or in the power of God to transform them?"  Marianne Williamson

With the discovery of some mold, stemming from a botched plumbing job, in my house and all the hassle and expense this involves, the above quoted came in very handy this week.  I referred to constantly, it tested me, it questioned me, challenged me and brought me peace of mind. My past pattern has been to get so angry, upset and lash out.  Screaming, "Why??????" At the top of my lungs to the point of making myself ill and alienating everyone within a 600 mile radius of me. I have this quote on my fridge and I looked at over and over again as service repairmen tromped through my house "little lady-ing" me and doing their very best to sell me on their company and scare me at the same time.  The quote brought me calm in the sea of all this.  It cleared my mind and allowed me not to panic and not to eat the entire kitchen on a wild scared nervous binge.  The handle the situation. Listen to my intuition as to how best to deal with it.  This will be resolved.   My little household will be healthier for it all.

The question of where to put faith is one of those big questions only we can answer within ourselves.  I like that this quote gives me choice. I think the universe has our back and really does take care of us.  We can be transformed either way.   I'm discovering there is unlimited possibilities beyond what my mind can imagine for any given situation.  For me, I learning to breathe and go with the flow of positive opportunities.

So, where do you put your faith?

Until next week...create to feel great!

20 projects complete! 32 to go! 

For Spring and St. Patrick's Day a quilted potholder (I don't quilt, but this was fun)

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