Saturday, March 10, 2012


For some reason, I've been getting O magazine.  I'm not the biggest fan of Oprah, and her magazine doesn't do all that much for me. As I read the offerings I always feel like I'm being sold on something or that if I'm not using the advice my life will hit the skids and wind up in a trailer down by the river.  If I'm going to read a magazine, I like my information and crafts on a deeper level. I know people who love them some Oprah and her magazine.  I just don't find it with Ms O.
When this month's issue appeared in my mailbox I sat down and thumbed through it.  There was a very cool article about eating and her relationship with food from one of my favorite people, Anne Lamont.   She has a way of getting into my brain and expressing what I'm feeling and thinking in such an entertaining fun way.   There was an article by Martha Beck she was talking about having an optimistic outlook on life.  How sometimes adopting this mindset is uncomfortable and yet really benefits us in the long run.  I hear you, girl!.
I've said this myself many many times.  I know this for a fact.  See I don't come from an optimistic background. Being positive, sunny and bright, was not in my up bringing or wiring.  I come from a long long line of crazy crazy gloomy Gus-s and Gertrud-s.  The one truth I was raised with was that if something can go wrong it will and the worst always happens.  Yuck.  That sort of fear and negativity makes one not only a bit crazy, and ill but angry and defensive.   That was me for years.  Fighting against all this flood of negativity because I knew and had proven to myself that a positive frame for mind is the way to go, yet wanting to hang on to all the negativity energy and anger, because I loved that "edge" I felt it gave me.  It was how I learned to cope.
Fast forward to the letting all that negativity go. (Sidebar, I work and focus on that everyday.  Some days are better than others.)  Now, I have my positive attitude, I feel happier more creative and really who I am, and yet I still get comments from people who haven't seen me for a while.  I sometimes get asked what do I have to be so happy and content about?  I answer- EVERYTHING!
Martha Beck's article struck a note with me.   I am discovering the benefits of a positive sunny life. Yes it is not without it's challenges to maintain, and yet I feel like I've got the groove and I like it.  Most importantly, I've been able to unearth who I really am.  A sunny positive funny smart creative woman.  It is never never too late to start that project.

Do you consider yourself a sunny person? How do you do it? And if not when would you like to start?

Until next week...create to feel great!
19 projects complete 33 to go.

This week is project is a an extravangza elegangza for a good friend's 40 Birthday.
Purple rhinestone necklace.   She loved it when it arrived in the mail.  I think it shines and sparkles like my friend.

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