Saturday, March 24, 2012

Transforming Fear- Yes You Can!

Spring is a time of transformation!  In Portland, Oregon, we had an unusally snow on the first day of Spring.  As much as I love and have been wanting Spring, the snow was a nice little surprise and made me want Spring even more!  Well, as I write, this it is sunny, today was warm and tomorrow looks like another sunny one as well.  Winter.  Hibernation.  Cold.  Bare trees.  For some it can be a time when they sit and plant seeds of fear.  Winter can be a dark time.  Fear really doesn't need the Winter season, it can appear at anytime.   So, would you like to start this fresh green season of Spring with a "rebirth"  Free and transformed from Fear?  You can.  You have the power all within you.  Here's some simple suggestions to get you going.

1. Fear Is a Feeling, Not a Fact

    You can feel fear.  Yet the trick here is to check in with you.  Are you in real physcial danger or is this your mind spinning.  What is the reality here?  Tell the truth.   Take a deep breath, let it go.   Repeat until the fear feeling has past. No judgement how many cycles you have to do here.  Just breath and release until it passes.
2. Your Fear Mind Is a Bully
     If someone was threatening your family member or friends, would you let them get away with being a bully?  Well.  Why do you allow your Fear Mind to beat you up, waste your time, drain your life energy and take your lunch money?  You are stronger than you know.  Stand up to the Fear Mind.  Send it packing.
3. Be Here Now
    All we have is now.   Spending the day that is given to us as a blessing is really telling the universe thanks but no thanks...I'm going to worry about the future and worry about stuff that might never happen and I'm going to waste this moment and all and any future moments worrying.  I'll worry so much, I'll get sick.  Nothing will get done.  So, much for a wonderful future, because you didn't tend to the moment.  Each moment adds up to the future.   BE HERE- NOW!   More breathing might be called for here.
4. Meditation
    Be still.  More breathing.  Sit quiet for at least a minute.  Build on that.  Until you can be still for ten minutes or more a day.   Try being still in middle of chaos.  A lot more breathing here.
5.Express Gratitude.
   Be grateful.   Express it and often.  This isn't a big deal.  A wonderful smile or an acknowledgement.  Finding something to be grateful for no matter how small and even on the worse of you days, will transform you in an instant.  What are you grateful for in this moment?
6. Play! Create!  Have fun!  Laugh!
    Again, not a big deal.  Try this...step away from you computer and do a silly dance.  30 second all out silly dance...just to get the ball rolling.  Oh, and breathe.
The more you create, breathe (laughing is a great form of breathing),be in the moment, be still, be grateful
with all that going on...fear won't be able to find you!

Until next week...create to feel great!

21 projects complete! 31 to go!

In honor of Spring!  Felt roses.  From this super great
Wonderful ideas and she does tutorials (unlike yours truly).
Happy Spring!!!

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