Saturday, July 14, 2012

Not As It Seems

I went back to the Loaded Brush.  The paint studio that lets you drink while learning how to paint. (Side Bar- Portland really is a great evening. You don't have to know how to draw or paint. It is freeing and creative.  Go!  Tell Aaron, DeeDee from the creativity blog sent you!)
So, back at the Loaded Brush...
We painted our version of Van Gough's Sunflowers.  I went in to the class fearing I wouldn't know how to do this or how we would do this.  Aaron is such a good and easy teacher, I decided to just trust the process and have fun.  All was going well, I liked what I was painting. We came to the petals. Aaron instructed us in a 3 step process.  The process involved globbing paint on the canvas.  My mind went to how is this going to make petals.  They look like globs of paint.  All I could see were the globs of paint.  I didn't see petals.  I felt like the painting was ruined.  I just kept telling myself, that it was a fun evening.   The next morning the painting had dried.  I had a night's sleep.  I walked by the painting and I saw Sunflowers!  I actually like the painting.  I didn't see the globs of paint. I saw petals.
Out of something so messy came this cool look.  I thought I knew how petals should be painted. I learned a new way.  An unusual way.
After that evening of fun and painting, I got to thinking what else am I looking at one way and maybe there could be another way to approach it?  Could I make petals out of globs of paint somewhere else in my life?
That painting shifte how I view and approach things.  It was a really great evening!

Are you seeing blobs and globs or are the blobs and globs in your life really lovely pedals on you flowers?

Until next week...create (some blobs and globs) to feel great.

37 projects complete! 15 to go!

And here's the painting!  

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  1. That's wonderful Dee Dee, and the place sounds great!