Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lessons In The Heartbreak

My little cat and best friend, MickeyGrrrl is preparing to die.  Everyday it gets a little harder for her to be in her body that is wearing out.  This morning she was sitting in the bed and looked at me and let out a big sigh as if to say, "Damn.  I'm still in this old worn out body."
I'm not taking this process very well.  I feel a little crazy in it, and I'm definitely feeling a depth of emotion like I've never felt.   I have amazing support for her and myself.  Amazing. Bottom line, my heart is breaking and I'm allowing myself to feel that break.
I recently heard that pain is weakness leaving the body.  I also believe that when we allow and feel our heart breaking,  breathing into the broken places in our heart, allowing light and love to fill the space, we create not only a place for our loss loved one to be forever with us, but a place for more love to enter into our lives.  Because we are open and allowing.  We do in fact become stronger and more willing to love, accept love and all the other wonderful things this life really does have to offer.
So, yes, I'm crazy and emotional right now, and I'm not going to just get over it. I'll be honest here, I don't like it one bit.  My work here is to be present for her and allow the path to unfold before us.  I am going to calm myself and breath because I know that there is beauty in this process, and I am already stronger and a better person for having known this little amazing, beautiful, wise cat. She has touched so many people and taught so many lessons on love to me and others.  I also know "the side" is waiting for the return of the great queen.  MickeyGrrrl will need me to give her space to do what she needs to make a graceful exit, when her time comes.  In order to do that I have to accept and let her go, whenever she is ready.
I also learned that the root word in courage comes from the French word for heart.  To live a full and wonderful life, that is full of love and wonderful people and experiences we need courage that comes from the heart.

Until next week...create to feel great!
6 projects complete! 46 to go!

Project of the week...Baby sweater!!!

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