Saturday, February 23, 2013

Food Of Love

This week, I started working on my friend's new play.  We are headed into full production.  I'm doing the costumes and props for the show.  My friend is a fantastic playwright and the story is a love story.  He and his partner have assembled and amazing group of folks to work on this production.  It is true community.  I'm having the best time in my theater life and it is a much needed project right now. (MickeyGrrrl is hanging in nicely at this posting. Still a moment by moment sort of thing.)

Costumes are simple.  The prop design is where I'm having the most fun. I'm listed as Production Chef.  Wow! Did you hear that Grandma?  Today the word Chef is tossed around with some ease. In my Grandmas's day one really earned that title.  She never did, although she could cook circles around anyone.
So, here I go.  Designing food for a theater production. It got me thinking just how much food plays a part in our lives and relationships with others.  Yes, we have to eat to live.  Yet I've been reflecting on not just what we eat but how we eat, that is so important to our well being and our outlook on life.
It really is a case of garbage in garbage out.  I spent years consuming less than healthy foods on a daily basis. Packing in as much as I could as fast as I could.  The result was a very overweight, unhealthy and unhappy person.  Since starting this Campaign, I've looked at how I eat and what I eat.  Big shift and big result came of the big shift.  I now love eating beautiful fresh food.  I love knowing my cook (me) and love my cook (me again!).  And I love that I have developed this gift of creating good food to share with others.  We really are what we eat.

They say at Weight Watchers that food shouldn't equal love. Yet is does.  I feel where we get off track is when we allow  food to REPLACE love in our life, not add to the celebration of life.  Food often plays a huge part in our relationship with our selves and others.

My focus for creating food for the play involves the creation of an exotic (looking) pastry.  You might be asking, "aren't there bakeries where this woman lives?"  Yes, but I'm doing this as a gift to my friends and the work they are putting in on the play.

Creating this food is fun.  My friend, the playwright is also one of the actors.  Every night when he has to consume the pastry on stage, he'll know that it was just what he envisioned when writing that scene and I'll also be sending him a bit of love and encouragement- because I'm so proud of what he has accomplished with his creativity.  I believe food has that sort of power.

Here are the selections of pastries created for the production of Anything But Brilliant- A love story.
We did a tasting at the production meeting.  Which one was the winner?  You'll have to come see the play and find out.  Yes, I'm going to be like that, because I want everyone to see this play, not only for the pastry, but for the beauty for the story and how it is being told.

Until next week....create to feel great!
8 projects complete!  44 to go!

For more information and to get tickets for this wonderful and moving play please go to

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