Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spring Cleaning

The MickeyGrrrl saga continues.  This last Monday, she stopped breathing for well over a minute.  She came back to breath like swimmer rising from deep deep water.   I rushed her to the vet thinking the entire time, this is it.  This is the time.   Gratefully, it wasn't.  Once at the vet she was watched.  Her breathing normal.   She might have a slight little head cold.  She got a laser treatment and some love from the vet techs and we were on our way.  The rest of this week, she seemed lighter and freer.  A friend of mine who deals in animal communication said what happened was Mickey Grrrl was ridding herself of all the unimportant stuff in order to allow herself peace for the final part of her journey.  She also went on to say that, in general, it is good for all of us to do the same.  We don't have to stop breathing, but we really do need to stop and take a look around us and inside us and see what junk and stuff we are carrying with us that we just don't need and it is weighing us down.

So, clutter holds us down on so many many levels.  After this week's little scare, took a long look at how I was handling things.   I too have a ton of internal junk I've been carrying around.  Helping MickyGrrrl has allowed me to release a lot of it.  We are both now in a place of calm, in joy and enjoyment.  This space will help us do we both need to do for the final stage when it comes.

My lesson here, it not to wait until something life the dying process presents itself to me in order to do some de-cluttering of my internal self.  I know folks who survive life threatening events always say they learned now to live each day.  Yes I agree.  Don't wait.  Clean up the stuff as you go and live fully.

Think of it as Spring Cleaning for now.  As the habit develops, it turns into something you always just do for yourself.

Until next week... create to feel great!
7 projects complete!  45 to go!

Project of the week... a cuff wallet.   I made this from an old fleece jacket sleeve.   I'll wear it on my wrist to carry my I.D. money and cards while I speed walk.   The zipper closure keeps everything safe.

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