Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Magic Word

What's the magic word?  A question I use to hear a lot from parents.  My parents, other kids parents, any parent.  I haven't heard that question in a while.   Except this last week.  My husband Broadside Johnnie had in fill of me asking him to do things.  He finally said to me. "I don't mind doing stuff for you.  Just you never say please any more."  The magic word is please.  I like to think that I say thank you all the time.  I love to show gratitude, but until it was brought to my attention that I've dropped the please out my life, I'd forgotten how that one word makes life go smoother.
Another example is with by kitty MickeyGrrrl.  She has come to a point in her life passage that she doesn't see a need for taking her meds.  Too bad for her, because until her vet says back off...we are doing meds.  I still don't want this to be anymore stressful on either one of us.
This morning, I put her meds in her food.  I placed the food in front of her. She walked away.  I tried again only this time with all compassion and sincerity I said "Please.  Please eat your breakfast and don't pick the pills out."  She looked up at me.  Sighed and ate her food.   I've been using the word please all day with her.  We are less stress and there is a calm that is hard to come by when doing hospice care for a loved one.  I'm also saying please a lot more with Broadside and others in my life.
There is magic in the word, if only to transform me in the moment from impatient this needs to be taken care of person to a calmer it will be taken care of it is taken care of person.

Are there words in your life that spark magic?  What are they for you, please share.

Until next week create to feel great!

5 projects complete! 47 to go

This week's project is a knitted head band.  I decorated it with a heart as I will be wearing it next week when I do my first 10K walking event...The HeartBreaker Half.

Off I go!

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