Saturday, March 2, 2013

Keep Going

I took this photo while I was out one day on one of my many walks.  It hit me right in the middle of my forehead, as I really didn't want to be out on my walk that day.  I was bored with my fitness and health program.  I felt stuck.  I was truly five minutes away from giving up all my progress and heading for the ice cream store.
I knew it was time to get creative.  As stood there looking at this sign, I started to think about what was causing me to want to give up.  Once I identified that I was just bored out of my mind with walking, with taking care of myself (odd thought, but it's me), just flat out bored.  I then asked myself what could I do to shake this up and shift my mind set?  The first thing that came to mind was to change up my walking routes.  Walk to places I never walk to.  I could do that in the moment.
So, I did just that and as I walked I forced myself to turn off my music and walk in silence, in order to allow some creative ideas to come my way.  On that day I walked over 8 miles, and when I got home I had a slew of new ideas to jazz up my health program.

Winston Churchill is often quoted as saying that when you are going through hell keep going.  I think that's true.  When the fires are at our backs, we want to just get the hell out of there.  But what happens when we are just flat out bored with our progress in life and work towards a goal we say we want.  It is often easier just to give up.  That is the time to really check ourselves before we wreck ourselves and all the progress we've made up to that point.  That is the creative call to arms as it were.
Because without engaging ourselves and our creativity at that point we will give me.
Once we give up on something we tell ourselves really was an important goal or dream, we start planting seeds of negativity in order to make it okay. 
Yes, sometimes a dream starts to take on another form or maybe it is really something we need to let go of.  But why did we want it to begin with? And what dream is now replacing that dream we are letting go of?  Important questions to ask, if we give up a dream and don't want to just sit in a garden of seeds sown with negativity. And yet, before you do give up on something.  Wait just another five minutes or so.  You might be amazed at what will happen.
Until next week...create to feel great!

9 projects complete! 43 to go!

For the project of the week... Scissor holders.   I can now protect the tips of my sewing scissors

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