Sunday, March 24, 2013

The A.N.Ts Go Marching

This week I heard a new term in reference to negative thoughts.  A.N.T.s or Automatic negative thoughts.
What a unfortunate image to place on these highly industrious insects.  Yet I love this.  What is an A.N.T.?
It is those little thoughts that pop into our minds at all times of the day.   Everything from "Well, that was stupid."  "Now why did I do that stupid thing?" to "I'm really not good enough." And everything negative in between.  Much like the insect ants, these thoughts carry away bits of our self worth,and our positive attitude. Much like ants, they are power and strong.  Any wonder why some days we are just flat out cranky?
Over my life time, I have owned several ant farms.  I love watching ants carry away pieces of food many times bigger than their bodies, they do this to feed their nest of fellow ants. I know first hand, that negative thoughts do not feed us in a healthy way.  So, what if we flip an A.N.T. to an A.P.T.? (automatic POSITIVE thought) and allow positive thoughts to feed us.  Allowing bits of positive thoughts to feed us all day along, and allow the real ants to go about their work and we don't pin negativity on these little guys.

How do A.N.T.s work in your life?  What would be your A.P.T. (Automatic Positive Thought)?

Until next week create to feel great...
12projects complete! 40 to go!

This week's project... a cool little fabric box.  We are using it in the play I've been working on
Anything But Brilliant -a love story.  

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