Saturday, March 30, 2013

Community (And I Don't Mean The TV Show)

I spent my week in the company of some of the most loving and wonderful people I have ever had the opportunity to call friends and co-creators.  It was tech week for my friend's wonderful new play, Anything But Brilliant-a love story.  I have to add here, it is a brilliant piece of work.  Part performance art, part well acted play, part essay on love, life and death and all part love and pure honest creativity. 
Last night was our first preview before people.  Some friends, some fellow members of the theater community, some of the big money donors and of course the cast and crew.   Moments before we opened the house for seating, I was struck at the magic.  My friend had spent three long years fearlessly creating this play and with his partner, raised the money to make it happen in all aspects.  I've been lucky enough to be with them on this journey.  I was struck at how all the creative elements came together and from where we started on a bare stage in a small work shop room.  The show is opening for public viewing for the month of April, and as it does this, it closes a chapter in my life.
For me that means, it is time to honor the lessons I've experiencing and to put them to work in my everyday life.

It has helped me realize that when we create, we spend time alone with our creating and creations, yet there has to come a time to step out into the market place with our creations. We all need community to enrich our lives. To connect in the physical with others.  We don't create alone, and it is important for sanity and positive movement to acknowledge the need to be apart of something bigger than our little tiny world

As this chapter comes to a close, others are already starting be plotted, taking shape and are asking to be written.  For today, I'm savoring the last scene, the last words and all the magic that it is bringing.
Perfect for a Spring day.

What step will you take to start to write a chapter that you will share with all of us?

Until next week....create to feel great!
13 project 39 to go.

So in honor of Spring...I created a lovely Lavender Lemon Shortbread.  Made even more special by using the pan Broadside gave me as a Christmas gift.   They get embossed with symbols of the British Isle.  Rose for England, Thistle for Scotland, Celtic Knot for Ireland, and Dragon for Wales.
I dipped the backs in chocolate.

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