Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Good Person Would

This week I let go of a couple of activities that have been less than rewarding.  One was a class that was becoming so steeped in negative energy, I spent more time wondering how to handle the negative energy in order to get through the class.  I finally said, "I'm done.  I'm not going back."  I then found a wonderful positive replacement.
A part of me felt odd walking away from this negative class.  Like I owed to the teacher to stick around, even after many attempts to politely discuss my concerns with her about the class.  I was essentially a paying customer, I did owe this person a thing.  Yet I kept thinking a good person would stick this out and if I leave now she might get her feelings hurt (even though I know I'll never see her again, and if I do I can just smile and move on.)
It got me thinking about what a good person would do.  What is a good person?  Who is this good person anyway.  It all boils down to not hurting myself or others.  Honestly, I don't think this person is going to be hurt by me not showing up to class.  I think if I stuck it out, there was a possibility that I could have wound up hurting myself and many this teacher. (Yes, the negativity was just that bad).
I also feel a good person takes care of themselves.  Is true to what they believe and value. I'm believing more and more that there is no place in this world for negativity.  And if a person is in such pain and has suffered so much...get help.  Life really is better walking on the sunny side of the street.

I value positive thoughts and actions, which come from a place of love...always.  As RuPaul would say, "If you can't love yourself.  How in the hell are you going to love some body else."
If there is such a thing as a good person, then I can say this...A good person would love themselves and others.

Until next week...create to feel great!
10 projects complete.  42 to go

It is almost time for my garden!  This year for the ease of planting radishes, beets and carrots, I made me some seed tapes.  So easy.   Take paper towel or toilet paper or napkin.  Cut into strips.
Mix up some flour and water to a paste.  With a small paint brush dot the paper strips in the planting distance for your seeds.  Drop the seeds on to the paste dot.  Allow to dry.  Seed strips.  I also
marked what the seeds were on one end of the strip.   Come planting time, set the seed strip on top of the soil and cover with dirt. Water.  Boom!  Seeds are off and growing!

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