Sunday, August 18, 2013

How Do They Do It?

This week I had an opportunity to speak with a woman whose kitty is very close to dying from kidney failure.  It came on suddenly.  She is in shock and dis-belief that it is happening.  Talking to her and hearing the story, reminded me of MickeyGrrrl's early days in dealing with kidney stuff.  I heard the same sadness mixed with confusion and craziness in this woman's voice that I know I experienced.  I had a feel that her kitty was close to the end.  I did my best to provide comfort and advice.  It is after all kidney issues in a kitty.  And I do know that it can be crappy one day and fabulous the next.  It is the true lesson from the universe on love, staying in the moment and really listening to hear.  I keep sending this woman and her kitty good thoughts and love.

I've been exploring the entire death and dying cycle.  I how it relates to life.  How to embrace a painful, yet glorious part of life.  There is as much pain in death and bringing in new life.  There is a freedom in both.  Lessons in it all. Death for me is harder to deal with as it closes a door and leaves so much behind.  But I have learned I can't bargain with death and I can't ask it to go away.  I want to believe that when a soul leaves the physical realm, we can still sense that person or being.  Because they are free they can move around more easily and assist us here while we go about our doing whatever it is that we do.
I really don't know how the people who deal with death on a daily bases cope.  I have a new found admiration for them.  Of course it might be easier because they aren't usually attached to the being who is passing.  Yet it must effect them, because it is energy coming and going. I really don't know how they do it and stay healthy.

This posting might seem odd for a creativity/positivity blog, but I don't think so.  What I'm attempting to do is to explore all the emotions.  All the thought and believes that hold us back from having a joyous time while we are here.  I know those who have passed would want us to have that freedom and joy in our life.  A friend of mine, who has seen her share of passing animals said to me one day that birth is a window that opens.  The other time that a window opens like that is at death.  Both have such wonderful beauty for us to behold, if we allow it.  I thank MickeyGrrrl everyday for allowing me to be with her on her journey.  Right now she is floating and enjoying summer. It is a blessing.  One I wish for everyone as they reach that point in their life.  Nothing to fear.  Everything to embrace and love about the moment.

Until next week...create to feel great!
32 projects complete! 20 to go! 

I'm excited...I'm headed into what I call the high creative holidays!  I'm starting my engines for the up coming holiday crafting season!  Wheee!  Let's do it!

This week's project is an owl necklace.  Mod Podged on a domino. So fun.


  1. I can so relate to losing a pet or about to. I am going through a cancer illness for my young Boston Terrier. Weighing wether to have her leg removed as it is not of any consequence right now or just let her have a fun, peaceful balance of her life four legged.
    At my age she is like a child to me, sensitive and loving, but I know she is a dog.

  2. I know many a happy and healthy fun loving tri-pawds. It's still a very tough decision. Listen your young one will tell you. My Cats are my kids...yes, I'm that lady. I've learned more from animals than most people.