Monday, October 28, 2013

Lining It All Up

I've written a few posts on energy and going with the flow.  Fighting it causes frustration. Frustration can cause anger and negativity.  At very least, it's not a comfortable place to be.
In the month since my wonderful friend and long time kitty, MickeyGrrrl passed, I've had so many lessons on going with the flow, lining up energy, going with the flow and engaging my creativity at every turn. These lessons have not given me time to worry, over think or allow fear to step in and stop me.  Accepting these lessons, really allowing my myself to be schooled and showing up for the tests has created some amazing result.  I've never felt more connected to myself and the world.  Clarity is coming in each moment.  My outlook is positive without even having to push it, it just is.
I'm realizing I'm seeing a purpose for things and my life.  It's all simple.  It's a BIG deal, but not a big damn deal.   This is an amazing place to be at. 

The main challenge I faced this month was in rescuing a senior kitty named Gabriella (now Gabby).  She had been abandoned three times, when we got to her.  She was a lovely cat.  My first gut feeling was to fix this, take her to my home and shower her with love and attention like I do with all my kitties.  I also knew that my boy cats wouldn't like it and that deep in my heart, she just wasn't my kitty.  She was here to help someone else and teach me a few lessons about showing up in the world.  She had a foster home she could be at for a couple of months.  With time ticking, fear struck me!  Dear Lord.  Finding a home for even a kitten can be monster challenge.  Finding a home for a senior cat.  That's going to take a act of God.  Broadside told me that he didn't think it was a good idea to just give up and take her in.  At one point it felt like a losing up hill battle. 
I got very quite and mediated.  That's all I could think to do.  The answer came to me.  You aren't here to fix this.  You are the energy conduit. You are to move energy.  I know energy gets energy.
So with my job to move the energy and connect Gabby with her person accepted.  I went to work. I stopped worrying and when I got to that place, I'd just tell myself that I was the conduit.  It worked!
Gabby connected with her new mom/girlfriend.  It was almost too easy.  Gabby is now in a very comfortable, loving home.  I know she'll have the best life ever.  As she is her mom's cat.  I just brought the energy together.  Amazing and powerful stuff!

Are willing to be the conduit in your life.  Moving and making those energetic connections to create the results you desire for your life?

Until next week...create to feel great!

41 projects complete! 10 to go!

This week's project...a new doughnut bed for Gabby...I wanted to make her something for her sent off.  Not that she's wanting for anything in her new home, but I wanted her to have some love for her launch.  Yay Gabby!

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