Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time To Roll Up The Sleeves!

"Hard work spot lights the character of people.  Some turn up their sleeves. Some turn up their noses and some don't turn up at all!" ~ Sam Ewing

Or as my Granny would like to say..."Set out a plate of hard work and some folks dig in right away.  Some folks spit it out, and most folks run away from it as fast as their feet will carry them. What these folks don't know is that the plate is full all sorts of tasty good stuff."

I'm not one to shy away from the hard work of life.  I rather love it.  Hard work gets my blood pumping. My heart, mind and soul get fully engaged. I'm usually having so much fun in the moment that the hard work doesn't feel like hard work at all.  I learn about what I can do.  I meet new people or get to interact with folks in my life I haven't been in contact for a while.  I often hear that I work too hard.
I don't get it.  I think I do my fair share of sitting around and hanging out. 

"If it was easy...everyone would do it.  It's the hard that makes it great."~ Jimmy Dugan, A League Of Their Own.

Yep. I believe that.  So it is worth the effort.  Even if I fail or I'm less than successful at whatever I set out to do, it's rewarding to do the work.  It's taking on life.  It's living life. (Note to folks who like to control things...it does give you a bit or control...over yourself.)
I'm not talking about struggling or pain.  I'm talking about really digging in. Not taking the easy way out or avoiding those situations that help us grow and evolve as people.  Doing the work, builds us up. It brings joy to our life.  I can only speak for myself...it makes my entire outlook on life happy and feels complete and strong.  Besides, what else am I going to do with all this God given energy I have every day?

When I don't roll up my sleeves and get to work on whatever in my life needs to be done, I feel depressed, anxious and angry.  Not good for the rest of the world.  So, I'll continue to roll up my sleeves and to the work of life.  Which is good for me, and I like to think good for the rest of the world.

Until next week...create to feel great!
40 projects complete! 12 to go!

This week's project...My old cement wall.  I live in a house that is 100 years old.  The flat roof and cement wall were starting to age and starting to leak.  Yikes!  So, my project challenge...Stop the leaking.  Sealed with the stuff they seal swimming pools with and then coated with a UV protection.  Bring on the rain!  But not too soon.

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