Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Big Connection

"You are being blessed by every beneficent thought of any of your brothers anywhere."    ~A Course In Miracles
With MickeyGrrrl's passing there came an out pouring of love and support.  I knew she had effected and changed my life in the most wonderful of ways.  I had no idea she had done the same for so many others.  People who had never met her or experienced her presence were grief stricken.  I read somewhere that the grief is the pain of a loss and the mourning is the outward expression of the grief.  Who she is and her life is being celebrated everyday.  Her energy has connected and continues to connect people.  I don't have her in my life physically, but she is working her love and energy.  This connection of energy is bringing with it a flood of wonderful outcomes.  This week was a wild ride for me and all the folks she has connected to The Delicious MickeyGrrrl Fund.

Monday started with trapping a mama and baby feral cat, in order to have them spayed and neutered.

Tuesday brought the project of the week (see the end of this post).

Wednesday we released the mama and baby back into their turf.  They are doing great.  We need to trap poppa next.

The Dear Sweet Gabriella...she needs a forever home.
Thursday, we had a celebration of MickeyGrrrl's life, and also rescued a wonderful lady kitty named Gabriella, whose person could no longer care for her.  She is in a foster home, and we are looking for a permanent home for her.

Friday, we installed the project of the week.

Saturday, we installed our new trap in order to catch Poppa cat

A big week for animal rescue and taking care of cats in need of a little help.  All along the way, I was connected to and came in contact with people who were wanting to help.  The positive energy was off the chain.
I not only feel MickeyGrrrl's energy and blessings, I'm feeling the blessing of all beings in the world.  Really I do.  I know that might sound like a bunch of who-eee.  How can I be feeling blessings from every being in the world.  Well, be still, you'll feel it as well.  It's all energy.  We never question electricity working for us.  Why would we question blessings from all the beings in the world.  It's all energy.
All it takes is being still.  You'll feel it.  Everyone can use some blessings.  They are waiting for you.

Until next week...create to feel great!

39 projects complete!  13 to go!

This week's project...Winter Shelters for a colony of feral cats.  I went to the Re-cycled building materials store and purchased some old kitchen cabinets.  I lined with cozy space blankets, poly batting and straw.  All for $15.00 for two! We are putting the money being raised to good use.

This week we almost hit the $500.00 dollar mark in donations, truly grateful for all the support.  We are going to help a lot of cats and kittens with this money.  If you want to help please go to    Thank you!


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