Saturday, September 8, 2012

Yeah But...

As summer begins to wane and we head into fall, I'm doing my annual home improvement dash to get 'er done.  The pattern is the same, in the winter I dream of all the stuff I want to get done.  June rolls around and that is still rainy and cold to do anything, but I gather supplies.  July and August, something always comes up and gets in my way of starting.  This year, I was focusing on Portland to Coast and nursing my back, which I had sprained my sacrum.  So, September, my dear friend, here we are again.  The list is still long and growing.  The supplies sit waiting.  The motivation is gone, baby gone.  Yet, I love the completion and the feel of re-doing a room or taking care of my house.  And frankly between you and me, it really is the only way I'll do a deep cleaning or any cleaning for that matter.  With such a long list, where to start?  I thought if I could get only one room done in the house which one?  Two are on the A list.  My dining room and the creation of my writing room.  Broadside pointed out, I'd be happier if I worked on my writing room.  I went into "yeah, buts..."  If I do the dining room, we'll have it for the holidays.  We can have people over to enjoy it.  I'll do that room first then the writing room will be my treat for completing the dining room.  Yeah but...
Broadside was quick to point out that if I did the writing room first and has a place to write, I would maybe get the writing done I've been wanting to focus on all year.  Yeah but.  He got tired of the yeah buts and walked out of the room, saying something can yeah but all you want.  Is that getting where you want to be?   When did he a) get so smart and insightful? b) start listening to me when I coach?  He asked a good question.  Writing room it is!
It was my project of the week. It took me a week to pull this small little space together.  And well worth it.
The room has always had good energy. It was once a kitchen, before we moved in to the house 17 years ago.  A family of four once live in the upstairs, where Broadside, Gus, MickeyGrrrl and myself sprawl out. (the upstairs isn't that big.  I don't know how those folks did it.)  This room was a junk room for years.  Now that it is re-done...I'm doing a different kind of cooking in it.  I'm also now inspired to do the dining room...after some more writing! is tough to admit it, but Broadside was right.  The room makes me happy and I'm writing more and feeling good about it.  Again, another simple shift.  I love my house. I love my life and the people who are apart of my life.  I'm also discovering that taking care of what I love is another source of joy.  Whew.  I think the re-do of this room was my final exam on that lesson.  I'm feeling like I aced it.


Until next week...create to feel great.
45 projects complete 7 to go!   Home stretch is coming into my sites!
Much Better!  My Purple Haze Heaven.
Complete with floor cushion
for MickeyGrrrl!

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