Saturday, May 25, 2013

When The Teacher Appears

 I have always wanted chickens, but I just can't, for a couple of reasons.  They only lay eggs for about three years.  After that, they hang out like teenagers on summer break for up to ten years.  That's okay.  The biggest reason is it would kill me to go out in my yard and see that some other animal had gotten to the hens. I also know they get ill fairy easy. Those reasons would kill me at my heart.

My next door neighbor has chickens.  She doesn't care for eggs, so I get some from time to time.
She travels a lot and I get to take care of them.  I'm chicken aunt.  I love it.  These chickens are so entertaining and smart.  They know me and run to greet me when I'm out in my yard.

This week, the neighbor on the other side of the hens, complained.  A tall fence was built to keep the ladies out of my yard (they have NEVER gone into the complaining neighbor's yard, they can't).
I was crushed.  The hens were crushed.

Yesterday morning, the biggest and smartest of the hens, I call her Janet, was in my yard.  The day before, I had seen her pacing the fence.  She was pacing with intent.  I now know she was making her plan.  She didn't jump the mesh fence, she crawled under it.  I didn't see it, but I saw the tell tale marks of her feats.

That hen inspires me.  She teaches me things I've never thought a chicken could or would.  My lesson this time from dear Janet is this.  If there is something you want. Be it a dust bath and slugs in the neighbor's yard or whatever you want to make your life great, make a plan and follow through.
Once Janet met her goal, she never looked happier and she cooed as she kicked dust around her big red body.  She was proud.  She also left me an egg.  (Always express gratitude.)
Now that's one powerful bird.  Thing is.  We all have that power to get what we want for a good life.
If one small hen can do it...What's stopping us?
Until next week...create to feel great!

21 projects complete! 31 to go!

More Homesteading... I made butter!  So easy  and so good!
I don't think I can ever just buy butter again.   This butter is so sweet and fresh tasting.
I used heavy cream in my blender.  Got it past whipped cream, until I saw butter milk.  Rinsed it in cold tap water until it ran clear and added a bit of salt.   Butter magic!

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