Sunday, June 2, 2013

Griping Fear

The last couple of weeks I've been working around the power of fear.  I have several huge creative projects that are on deadlines.  I usually love that sort of thing.  A couple of months ago my day-job boss asked me if I would be willing to create a birthday present for his good friend's birthday in June.
He wanted a copy of the military jacket that Jimi Hendrix was famous for wearing.  It is a simple design with tons and tons of sewn on gold braid.  I agreed to the project thinking I had plenty of time.
I ordered all the materials.  Downloaded photos of the project from all angles, emailed Hendrix fans and people who knew him.  I did all this in good time.  The materials arrived and along came fear.
The more I looked at the photos the more I told myself I couldn't do this.  But I had to.  I had spent my bosses money and he was planning on this.  

I know through my years of dealing with fear that one of the best ways to just get rolling.  Push past it.  Ignore what it has to say, because it is of no value.  Just go!  This what I did.   As I did the hours of hand sewing to complete the jacket and vest, I had time to reflect.

Allowing fear to play and have it's day, really brought a new meaning to the phrase "crippled with fear."  Fear stops everything.  Fear may seem like a comfortable place to be, but it messes with everything.  It threw me out of the flow. The moment.   The price of allowing fear to have it's place in my life is way too high.  It's not comfortable.  It makes me ill and stressed.
I've put other things on hold in my life that will back up and cause more stress.  All because I allowed this thing to take hold. 
As I'm doing the finishing work on this project (I'm getting close and I will meet the deadline) i'm working to really understand that I have been given a valuable lesson here and I hope I remember and learned well so I don't have to repeat it.  Trust myself.  My inner knowing and the big one...fear is useless and doesn't serve me.  When I go into that place, the quicker I pedal out of there the better.
Forward movement is the only way.  As my Grandma would say..."Do something.  Anything.  Even if you discover later that it is wrong."

Until next week... create to feel great!

22 projects complete! 30 to go!

So this week's project...the Jimi Hendrix vest.    It's a very close copy.

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