Sunday, June 23, 2013

Preparing For The Best Of Times

The MickeyGrrrl saga continues.  Yes, she is in her completion process...she's dying.  When I use the word dying, people either think, I need to be home by her side and why haven't I called the vet?  Or they think she has passed.  At any rate, I need to be much more freaked out and crying.  Not calm and coming to the peaceful shore.  I like the term Completion Process.  It really does describe where we are and where she is. It helps me be present. To focus on the gifts that she blesses me with.  She will go out in grace and beauty.  Much like she lived her life.  I get to be a part of this. 
I believe in our society, we put such a strange mix of junk all over the process of dying.  To the point where we don't allow the being going through the process and our selves to experience the joy and beauty of the moments it brings.  It is another way to create high negative drama in our lives. 
Yes, I'm sad my little and best friend, my great teacher is going to be gone soon, but only in the physical sense.  Yet I'm not going to ruin this time in the creation of high drama.  It doesn't honor all the years of love, lessons and friendship we shared and continue to share for however much longer we have.
This makes me reflect, I know the day is fast approaching for MickeyGrrrl and I to say goodbyes.  I don't know that with anyone else in my life, even my life.  So, why would I want to spend my days in the creation of drama and negativity?  I don't have to struggle.  Struggle is of my choosing.  I have choice as to how I respond to the elements in my life.  Not to enjoy and be in joy about everything that is happening.  To turn away from the beauty I'm seeing in every moment.   That would be a waste of the wonderful gift of life.
MickeyGrrrl and I have been preparing for the day of goodbyes.   We have candles, her ashes urn and a made a special blanket for her to leave the house in.  I've made prayer flags and bird items. 
Someone commented that it seemed a bit morbid to do all this.   Using my creativity to make a celebration for my wonderful girl, it is morbid.  I'm in a peaceful state, what could be a better place to create from?
I'm also making preparations for a new kitty to come into our lives.  He's a rescue kitty of 10 months old.  We think he might be an Arabian Mau  mix.  He's our boy for sure.  We chose each other. The forces in this universe brought this all together. His name is Sammy.  There will be more on this guy later.
For do you celebrate life?  How embrace the gifts of life passing?
Create to feel great! 
25 projects complete 27 to go! 

So the going away blanket for MickeyGrrrl...She wanted green, cats and birds.   What ever this Grrrl wants, this girl gets.

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