Sunday, June 30, 2013

Now A Word From Gus

Hi it's Gus.  My moma is very busy this week, as she brought home my little baby brother, Sammy, and she's sewing costumes for a big show. She asked me if I would write her blog post this week.
I said I don't know what to write about.   She said to write about what I know.
Here's the two biggest things I know...
When I lived in a cat shelter for seven months, if I had copped a crappy mean attitude in the shelter, like some of other cats, I would have never scored the life I have right now.  I stayed positive.
No matter what stay positive.  Help spread that attitude to others.

The second thing I know for sure is that love with get you through any thing.   Love is so where it is at.  When folks smack at you from under the door, and hiss at you, give them love.  Just stay cool and send them love and lots of it.  You might get tired, but that's okay, you can take a nap. 
Napping will also get you through almost anything.  So I guess that's three things I know for sure.

Stay positive.
Send and give love.

Do you guys already do all that?

Until next week....create something. (I think that's what moma says).

And I don't know how many projects she's done this year...but it's a lot she's always crafting something.

Bye for now.

Project of the week this cool door to keep my baby brother safe.  I can see him in the dining room and he can see me.  We still aren't too sure of each other just yet.

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