Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Younger Perspective

HI Everyone!  My name is Samuel.
Until last week, I lived in a small shelter in Centralia, WA.
  I'm only 10 months old, Robie found me sitting in the middle of a highway with big trucks.  Someone left me there.  I was sort of sad.  Robie took care of me for 8 months.  Being in a shelter is sort of okay, but it is not home.  I knew there was something better for me...a home and family.  I really wanted a family.   Last week, my moma Dee came and got me.  I met my brother Gus and sister MickeyGrrrl (I think she might be dying, she smells sort of funny. It sort of scares me a bit.) There's this big guy with a beard, I think his name is Broadside, I don't know about guys, just yet. Gus calls him poppa. 
My moma is still so busy doing and making stuff, she asked me to write this blog.  I don't know what a blog is or writing.  Moma said to tell my story and what I learned about being in the shelter.

Sigh...okay.  So I still think people are good, even though a mean person left me on the side of the highway. Learn to forgive.  If you get nasty with people, you will always live in a small shelter.  People like nice people.  I like nice people.   Always be helpful.  Always find the time to play.  Keep your fur clean.  Jump as high as you can.  It feels good and people are very impressed with high jumpers, reaching for the bird. Never forget that no matter how long it takes see your dream come to life, dreams are life.We need them to live. Remember you are a keeper.  Everyone is a keeper to someone.  Oh, and nap.
That's all I know for now.

 Until next week...make something you'll feel better. I think that's what moma says

She made 26 things and has 26 more things left to make.
I gotta really I gotta run through the house!  Freedom!

My moma makes cheese.  Goat cheese it is really good before she puts junk in it.  I like it plan
She puts herbs in it.

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  1. Very good advice: "Everyone is a keeper to someone. Oh, and nap."